Antonia Parker is Antonia Makes. As an illustrator, she enjoys making experimental imagery and is best known for her glossy fashion illustrations and satirical collages. Having moved from up north to study illustration at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, she is now based in Tunbridge Wells.


Antonia enjoys playing with many materials to create imagery, but her colourful back-to-front acrylics-on-acetate illustrations remain one of her most innovative ways of working. As well as these carefully controlled images drawn in the basement at home, she likes to get out and socialize as the artist behind the illustrated photobooth. Once you are sat inside the booth behind the curtain and insert your pennies through the coin slot, the booth hand-draws your portrait (whilst talking too much) and slots the finished picture through the hole in the side.


As well as loving the aesthetically beautiful things in life - hence all the lovely fashion illustration - she also is a visual campaigner for women's issues and ethical consumerism, having created postcards raising awareness about endometriosis for project endo and imagery about sexism and female genital mutilation, as well as countless illustrations of sustainable fashion for Amelia's Magazine.


Antonia's work has been exhibited most recently at Host Gallery, the Coningsby Gallery and the Albany Theatre, all in London. She has facilitated art workshops with school children of all ages and illustrated live for various events, alongside creating commissioned artworks and website re-brands. She is also a member of Storyhands Collective, a group of six emerging and talented illustrators.
Her work has been featured in:


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Afri Love


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